M E E T   O U R   D E S I G N E RS

Pavel Berky
BERKY is a fashion brand designed by Slovak fashion designer Pavel Berky. Pavel graduated at University of arts & architecture in Prague and recently moved his brand to London, UK. Berky is focused on unique and original designs. His collections were for example already presented on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe in Budapest, Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, Fashion Live! in Bratislava or Kosice Fashion Week. He was selected to represent Czech Republic on International Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week. In 2012 Pavel won awards "Top Style Designer of the year" with his first collection "XY".

STE VIE BOI is an American fashion designer, actor and founder of the luxury eye-wear line SB Shades. He resides in Baltimore. He designs and sells unisex eye-wear and accessories on his website and in a few boutique stores. Stevie has designed eye-wear for stars such as Lady Gaga ,Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry + many more.

Stevie Boi was born in Augusta, Georgia but raised overseas. He grew up with parents who were in the Army and traveled a lot during his childhood. He started designing in 2007 and quit his job with the military to start his business selling eye-wear.

Boi's big break was landing his eye-wear on the cover of Vogue magazine in 2012. Since then Boi's products/designs have been featured in over 500+ publications. He now is preparing to move into TV and film by acting and pursuing costume design

Stevie Boi
    GERDA TRUUBON is an Estonian born fashion designer living in London. From a young age she was inspired by her mother, that was a tailor, she quotes ‘I used to customize dresses for myself and create something to wear for every occasion’, ‘I remember I wanted to sew everything and ironically my mother didn’t want me to ruin the sewing machine, so I mostly tried to use it secretly when she was at work’ Gerda Truubon’s designs are created for a bold, confident, self-loving women.

    Truubon is the sole designer under her brand and women themselves are the biggest influence for her creations; she quoted ‘I always try to create something to compliment, glorify and celebrate women. My favorite part of my work is seeing my clients feel empowered, confident and beautiful in my designs. That is definitely the biggest joy and reward of my work’.

Truubon has designed for reality TV celebs and her work has been featured in many publications including Britains Next top Model. 


Gerda Truubon